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Garden State Parkway Cheesequake Culvert Rehabilitation Sayreville, Middlesex, NJ

This project involved the repair of 142x102 inch corrugated metal arch culvert with pneumatically applied mortar and structural steel ribs at NJGSP Milepost 123.8. Epoxy-coated reinforcing steel was placed between steel ribs to transfer loads to the ribs. Conventional concrete was cast in the culvert invert while fiber-reinforced shotcrete was applied within the crown of the culvert to create a new interior surface. The repair was performed over the length of the CMP culvert section, which was approximately 830 ft. long. The extreme variation of the interior dimensions of the culvert presented a challenge in installing the steel ribs. The delivered project is a concrete-lined culvert that will continue to support the southbound lanes of the Garden State Parkway.

Value: $4.8 million

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