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United States Army Corps of Engineers -

Talmage Ave. Bridge Reconstruction, Segment R-1 Bridgewater/Bound Brook, Somerset County, NJ

The project was part of the Army Corps of Engineers risk management of flooding in the Green Brook Sub Basin. The project consisted of replacing Talmage Avenue Bridge, with a new raised bridge and approach roadways, appurtenant drainage structures, levee extensions, and the construction of a temporary pedestrian bridge. The project included approximately 1820 ft. of roadway improvements along Talmage Ave., East Main St., Tea Street and Wheatland Ave. The levee north of Talmage Ave. was extended south by approximately 520 ft. to meet the roadway crest elevation near the intersection of Talmage Ave. and Tea St. A further levee extension, approximately 155 ft., was constructed from Talmage Ave. southward to tie into the NJ Transit Railroad embankment. A culvert, approximately 1020 ft. long, was constructed under Talmage Ave. and the NJ Transit Railroad embankment parallel to Middle Brook to its outfall. 

Value: $18.2 million

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